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AAFM Global Boards of Standards™

AAFM® Global Board of Standards and Advisory: Global Certification Standards and Quality Assurance

  • Professor Dr. Roberto J. Santillán Salgado – Graduate Finance Programs at EGADE – ITESM, Monterrey Campus – Founder AAFM Latin & South America
  • Prof. George S Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM® – AAFM CEO Global Board of Standards – LIC. Counselor of Law and Notary Public – United States.
  • Dr. Ciro Martinez II, PhD, JD, LLM, MBA, CWM, MFP, CEC – Hon. Academic Standards – AAFM Law Certification Program www.llmprogram.org.
  • Carl Thong, MBA, CWM®, MFP – AAFM® Asia (President of Asia Standards and Accreditation) – Founder AAFM® Asia Singapore and China Chapter & Training.
  • Dr. Ishaq Shafiq – PhD, MFP, ChE – AAFM® Global Advisor – USA and ACCE Economists – Quantum Consultants USA. Royal Society of Fellows Alliance – Africa, USA, Arabia.
  • Dr. Cornell Collins, PhD, MPM, CIPM, BCSH, CPM, CHt. – Bahamas, India and Canada – Global Advisor AAFM® and AAPM® – India, Canada, Bahamas, West Indies.

Honorary Global Advisors and Faculty Award Winners

The Honorary Board of Standards for AAFM® is composed of 50 member professionals including faculty from several universities, financial executives and managers, lawyers, judges, and world renowned financial planning practitioners. 10 Doctorate level professionals sit on our academic committee overseeing standards and ethics. AAFM® was begun by executives and faculty to provide financial education and certification worldwide through the use of executive training. AAFM® Board of Standards is an honorary voluntary board that creates the standards for professional membership and charter board certifications. The AAFM® Board of Standards owns the global intellectual property, copyrights, designations and marks used herein.

The AAFM® Board of Standards USA Recognizes over 800 approved and registered training channels worldwide. The AAFM® Board of Standards is sole body that issues the certifications, distinctions, designations, awards, research, consulting and recognitions globally. The AAFM® Global Board is headed by its CEO and Chair in the United States: Prof. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM® – Attorney at Law.

Global Board of Academic Advisors & Professors 2005 – 2011 Note: these distinguished faculty members are not faculty of AAFM®. The majority of professors here are award recipients and honorary distinguished global advisors.

“The AAFM® Super Board of Standards is responsible for keeping the standards of AAFM at the highest level which includes approving accredited schools and colleges such as ABA AACSB ACBSP EQUIS and government recognized programs. Administrative decisions for the Global Certification and Accreditation Operations are solely subject to the company law, operating agreements, and or bylaws Faculty Award Winners, Honorary Advisors, Advisory Council Members, and general members cannot legally act or speak for the organization nor counsel or advise the organization in any legal capacity.”

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