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Become a Chartered Economist®(Ch.E®) from AAFM® USA

#1 Economics Designation Globally.

The Ch.E.® Certification Program from American Academy teaches you the skills,
o that will help you stand out as a ‘World-Class Economist’…
o without spending years in a classroom…
o and without spending lacs of rupees…

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    Chartered Economist® (CH.E®), American Academy of Financial Management’s (AAFM® USA) Economics Certification is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be – from a beginner to an experienced ‘World-Class Economist’ with the confidence, and skills to match.

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    Months Average Completion Time

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    American Academy of Economics Management USA (AAFM® USA) is #1 Economics Education Organization Globally that helps create highly skilled, sought after and revered finance professionals.
    We help you fast track your career by acquiring in demand rare to find high end skills and knowledge that allows you to either work for bigger more paying and highly respected economics companies or allow you to cater to high end sophisticated more paying clients.Uncovering your hidden potential will help you stand out from the competition and help you achieve success in your career.
    We at AAFM® understand that it’s hard for you to know where to start? What to do? Whom to trust?
    Which is why we can help you with a proven Course that has already helped over 3,00,000 professionals in 151+ Countries achieve Professional Success!

    Are you ready to take your first step?

    Building a Successful Economics Career starts with a Plan!


    Call it acquiring cutting edge hard to find in demand knowledge and skills or ability to serve higher level of high paying, high demanding sophisticated clients or showcasing your skills by a Designation a successful economics career requires a plan!

    We can Get you There in 3 Steps

    1. Schedule a Career Advisory Call

    Schedule a Free Career advisory call so that we can understand about your career and figure out what is holding it back and how we can help.

    2. Enroll for the CH.E® Certification

    CH.E® incorporates cutting edge in demand knowledge and skills that are revered by clients and employers globally.

    3. Complete the Education Requirements

    Pursue the CH.E® Certification using our award winning E-Learning system USA-ACER

    Join the CH.E® Course and Build a career in Economics!


    This specialist course has been designed with a core focus on Economic Analysis, Economics Planning Econometrics and Applied Economics. You will develop professional skills to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s Economic Advisory and Business Planning World.
    This program is awarded by American Academy of Economics Management USA and delivered in India through USA-ACER E-Learning System.
    American Academy of Economics Management® (AAFM®) is a leading American Economics Education Academy. AAFM® offers leading Economics Certifications and Designations that are globally accepted and revered. Pursue your Certification in India and get Certification directly from AAFM USA. Get a top-class economics education and excellent placement offers.

    Close the Skill Gap


    American Academy of Financial Management®, AAFM’s Chartered Economist® Certification was created for ambitious Wealth Advisors, who want to close the skill gap between formal education and becoming a world-class Economists— one who’s competent, confident, and poised to advance.Based on our experience working with some of the world’s leading economics institutions, we know that traditional economics education is theoretical, not practical. In fact, 75% of our students said they needed additional training after earning their degree, in order to get a job or to serve their clients. Your formal degree only partially prepares you for your career, leaving out the hands-on experience employers & clients demand, and leaving you with a dilemma…

    It’s the biggest struggle facing Wealth Advisors today. We call it the “skill gap”.

    How do you bridge the gap between what you learned in university and what you need to know to do your job well?


    You could spend years trying to…

    o Put together bits and pieces of free training
    o Learn everything on the job and hope for the best
    o Attend in-person classes in your already busy schedule, not to mention your already tight budget


    All of these methods typically lead to years of frustration, enhanced debt, and wasted time and effort.
    Our Certificants are not the type to waste years of time and Lacs of Rupees on training methods that simply don’t work for them.
    Instead of years of frustration and sacrifice, you’ll be relieved to find the CH.E® Certification Program is:

    6 Modules, 100’s of PPT,  Hours of Video Classes that cover entire gamut of Applied Economics.


    100% online, at your own pace, on your own schedule, with active support from AAFM®


    Earn in-demand skills from instructors with 31+ years of experience in Economics


    Our mission is to make the world’s best economics training accessible

    Let’s Get Started


    Send us your contact info, a little bit about your career objectives, a good time to call you to schedule a career advisory call.
    We are looking forward to working with you to help you with your economics career and take your professional career to a stage that you are proud of.


      CH.E® Certification: An Online Program for Ambitious Economists Who Want to Race Ahead of the Competition


      AAFM®’s Chartered Wealth Management Certification Program is designed to give you a competitive edge — advanced knowledge, real-world analysis skills, and career confidence.


      AAFM®’s approach works because…

      You can bring your skills up to speed 10X faster, and for a smaller investment than other programs.
      This is not just another “professional development” course— It’s an unparalleled career trajectory system.

      Excel your career

      You can earn your CH.E® Certificate in as little as six months, learning from the world’s best instructors, and hitting “peak condition” for career advancement in a fraction of the time.

      Tried and tested formula

      After training thousands of economics professionals across the world, here’s what we discovered…The traditional path to career success for Economists’s is long, tedious, and lined with speed bumps that can sidetrack you, or worse— make you question your career choice.

      Shortcut to success

      The CH.E® Certification is your shortcut around years of frustration… With the CH.E® Certification, you set yourself up for career success in months instead of years.

      How the CH.E® Certification Program Works?

      100% Online & On Your Schedule

      AAFM’s CH.E® Chartered Economist® Certification courses are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to start the economics program anytime, set your own schedule for completion, and learn when it’s most convenient for you.

      Access to USA-ACER System

      AAFM’s E-Learning System, includes:
      • 5 Modules Covering Economic Analysis, Applied Economics &
      Sector Economics.
      • 2000+ Pages of Reading Material
      • 100’s of PPT, Mock Tests & Case Studies

      Learn at Your Own Pace

      AAFM courses are designed by instructors with over 31 years of Wealth Management training experience. They’ve trained economics professionals at the largest and most well-known global banks and institutions.

      You’ll learn at your own pace, using a variety of methods, including:

       • Hands-on exercises
      • Quizzes and assessments

      Completion Requirements

      To be granted the Chartered Economist (CH.E)® credential, students must:

       • Complete all e-Learning Modules and demonstrate
      mastery of the topics through completion of course
      materials, quizzes, and assessments

       • Clear 1 Examination with 50% passing grade
       • Submit 1 Project
       • Agree to AAFM® Code of Conduct
       • More than 5000 Exam Centers Globally

      Let’s Get Started


      Send us your contact info, a little bit about your career objectives, a good time to call you to schedule a career advisory call.
      We are looking forward to working with you to help you with your economics career and take your professional career to a stage that you are proud of.


        We Created the CH.E® Certification Program for You…


        Because having advanced knowledge and real-world Economic skills = career confidence and advancement.


        Becoming a Chartered Economist® (CH.E)® doesn’t have to take you long years of study and struggle. AAFM®’s experts have streamlined the learning process so now….
        You can earn your Chartered Economist® Certification in only a few months.
        You don’t have to sacrifice time or be inconvenienced. The course is 100% online, designed to be completed on your schedule. Because you’ll have access to the entire AAFM® USA-ACER System, it’s like having your own professional reference resource for the rest of your career.
        Not only can you learn at your own pace, you can refresh your skills at any time or add to them. Learning deepens when you return to a subject with “field experience.” You understand concepts at a new level through practice.
        AAFM’s training is designed to be self-paced yet detailed enough that you’re never lost and always know exactly what to do next.

        Not only will you have specialized knowledge, you’ll also gain:

        Confidence in your career

        Knowledge of advanced Concepts & Strategies

        Skills for the real-world

        Experience performing real Wealth Management

        Designed by Elite Instructors

         When you’re investing resources in career advancement, you want courses that are proven to help you acquire the real-life skills to get you recognized and moving up the career ladder.

        AAFM’s Chartered Economist® (CH.E)® Certification is designed by instructors and practitioners with over 31+ years of economics analyst training experience. They’ve earned the credentials working at some of the largest and most well-known global banks and Organizations:

        It’s a big advantage to learn from practitioners and trainers who obtained their experience training employees at these elite institutions. Trainers who know what it’s like to perform these skills on the job – not just prepare you for passing a test. Passing tests is critical, but that doesn’t help you when you’re back at your job, needing to advise an ultra-rich client.

        AAFM courses have been delivered to tens of thousands of students at the top universities, global banks, wealth management organizations, and economics companies across the world.
        AAFM® is accredited by US Department of Labor and FINRA and many other Statuary Global Bodies.

        We know what skills and knowledge employers are looking for, and we deliver them to you. Whether you’re new to Wealth Management or an experienced professional, our courses are designed to help you advance your career. We deliver Wealth Management & Investment Planning training for the real-world.

        When you complete the CH.E® Certification training you’ll possess the in-demand industry knowledge, hands-on practice, and confidence it takes to stand out and become a truly world-class economists.

        The best part? You’ll put yourself on the “career express track”. In only a few months, you’ll gain on-the-job skills and knowledge that might take years of experience to learn.

        Some of the companies that AAFM® Certificants work at are:

        What CH.E® Graduates and Employers Say…


        “I first found CH.E® on Online Search at Google. I was impressed by the quality of content and trainers. The depth and breadth of the course is remarkable. The ability to create Economic Analysis Reports is very useful.”

        “The AAFM® Chartered Economist Program is definitely a worthy investment for individuals who want to become a good Economist. Even for experienced Economic Professionals who want to further improve and develop new skills and knowledge to become a better equipped Economic Advisor.”

        “We’ve seen the benefits of American Academy of Economics Management® and Chartered Economist® at work with our people, enhancing and sharpening their Wealth Advisory Capabilities and providing ongoing training to keep their skill sets current and sharp.”

        “For long time I have struggled to find a course with the combination of high professional Applied Economics & Economic Analytics Skills. Due to your practical background in applied economics is highly rated. I believe it is much more worth than what I have paid for it and I feel lucky to have taken your amazing course.”

        “I will advise all professionals who are freshers or already working to enroll in this program as it will boost your learning and help you learn new techniques to do the job easier and efficiently.”

        “Taking the Chartered Economist Certification was a major turning point in my career. The training has boosted my Economic Advisory Skills and I have been able to add value to my clients.
        What a learning experience excellent. Keep up the Good Work.”


        Reach to our representative now.